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YELLOW BALAU: Scientific name: Shorea spp, comes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam
and the Philippines. It is a tropical hardwood which is deemed as a heavy hardwood.

General Description: Yellow Balau like Teak, is a hardwood that is often used in the
manufacture of outdoor garden furniture. The appeal of Yellow Balau is its resemblance in
colour and grain to Teak, although at a much lower cost. Due to the high density it is
extremely durable, heavy and robust making ideal for use in the manufacture of Garden
Furniture. Yellow Balau has a life span of about 20-30 years. In comparison to other
species, Yellow Balau has only a small tendency of warping or twisting and therefore is
very adaptable to our changeable weather conditions.

Maintenance Instruction: we advise our customers to maintain their Yellow Balau furniture
often with a timber oil,such as that used for teak, as the timber itself will weather with
continued exposure to sun and rain. Keeping the furniture in a covered area will also help
to preserve the timber. When exposed to the elements, if not treated the timber will
weather just as teak and all woods do, it will turn to a silver-grey patina over the years
while maintaining its strength and durability, and not effecting the integrity of the timber.
The furniture can be left like this if it’s the look you prefer. Surface cracks on Yellow
Balau are rare but may occur over time, yet won’t affect the strength of the furniture. 

Yellow Balau is the most popular hardwood used to make garden furniture. This wood is said to have a wide range of uses. Yellow Balau has always been famous for its comfort and durability. It is so durable that it is also used for ship building. Choose yellow Balau garden furniture and you cannot go wrong because it’s inherently elegant, classic and gives an aesthetic look. It would stay for decades in your garden.

There are many websites that offer garden furniture  hire for various occasions. You will find many outdoor furniture designs for hire on the internet. Yellow Balau garden furniture is simple, stylish, and affordable. The products made out of yellow Balau hardwood which has a striking Nutmeg finish, provide a comfortable seating and gives one the feel of a paradise. Yellow Balau is a very heavy hardwood imported from Southeast Asia, and is undoubtedly strong as well as decay resistant.

Garden furniture and outdoor items are manufactured and designed to the highest-quality standards to guarantee years of fun, enjoyment and reliability. The products manufactured of yellow Balau come at a low cost and are long lasting. If you have furniture made by yellow Balau hardwood then you can enjoy grandeur outdoor living for sure.

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